HV / LV Installation

What ISS can do

ISS provide highly trained and competent engineers to install and commission HV, MV & LV switchgear, Protection & Control Systems, Power Distribution Transformers, Transformer Rectifiers, Battery Systems and all associated cables and cable management systems and ancillary equipment. These works can involve anything from a standard package substation installation, through to a turnkey large scale installation and system commissioning.

ISS have dedicated teams of Power Installation specialists working nationwide fitting out electrical substations, compounds, control rooms and cable runs, including installation of framework or plinths on which the primary equipment will sit. If you need a modular type substation, a generator or protection panels, we can do that as well.

We deliver, offload, manoeuvre into position and install all Medium & High Voltage equipment, switchgear from 6.6kV, 11kV, 22kV and 33kV, RTU’s, Battery Systems, Power Transformers and associated HV, LV and control cabling and CMS and much more. ISS also manufacture and install Low Voltage switchgear and associated CMS, LV and control cabling, we also install third party Low Voltage Switchgear.

As part of any installation process, ISS will undertake any specialist lifts or plant movement activities, ensuring any logistical solutions are performed in a safe and efficient manner, ensuring your project is delivered successfully. We have a team of trained switchgear installers, with years of experience of switchgear installation in a variety of different switchgear manufacturer types. We have team’s substation electricians who will install cable management systems relevant to the site environment and specifications, into which the team will install all of your power, control and fibre cabling. ISS will install all of the small power and lighting. ISS can complete substation builds, so if you’d like to reduce your supply chain management, get in touch and the team will talk through your requirements.