DEIF Switchgear Project


“We had been using a different brand of controllers, but we found that the DEIF controllers were really good to use”, explains David Miller. “They have more functionality and many more inputs, and they are much more flexible; there’s much more you can do with them, even connecting two units to control three breakers which our usual controller brand can’t do.”

David Miller, LV Switchgear Project Engineer, Industrial Switchgear Services Ltd


“It was dead easy!” Until very recently, LV Switchgear Project Engineer David Miller of Industrial Switchgear Services Ltd had never even heard of DEIF controllers. When he needed a flexible mains controller for a critical power project in the UK, however, the flexibility and user-friendliness of the DEIF AGC 150 advanced genset controller turned out to be just what he needed.

Headquartered in Hyde, Cheshire, England, Industrial Switchgear Services Ltd (ISS) is a well-established power engineering company within the specialist field of high and low voltage switchgear. The company offers a variety of solutions for all HV/LV power engineering requirements, including protection, metering, and control Equipment.

A UK hospital had tasked ISS with developing a bespoke control solution for handling two transformer incomers with a bus tie at a hospital laundry unit. However, not enough inputs and limited flexibility meant that ISS’s usual go-to controllers for this type of project were not up to the task.

“We went looking on the market but were a little stumped about which unit to use”, says David Miller. “A colleague contacted Industrial Power Systems Ltd (IPS) and found that the DEIF controller would meet the design criteria, so we went with that one”.

Great flexibility with the AGC 150

The unit recommended was the DEIF AGC 150 Mains controller which has 12 digital inputs and outputs, offers several operating modes with single or multiple mains, and boasts a number of other features such as power monitoring and electrical protections. The built-in flexibility of the unit proved to be just what ISS needed.

Solid support and user-friendly documentation

The two AGC 150 units for the solution were delivered by DEIF’s UK and Ireland representative Industrial Power Systems Ltd (IPS) . David Miller is very satisfied with the cooperation between his team and IPS, and with the user-friendliness of the controllers themselves and the documentation:

“It was dead easy. We had an online conference call to go through the controller, and the data sheets and other documentation we received were very easy to follow. From there, I just did the design. Paul Campbell from IPS had a quick look and made a couple of changes, but that was it. Worth mentioning during factory testing of the system, IPS came to our factory to assist in the setting up of the controllers. Our commissioning engineer was so impressed with the controller’s functionality and how easy they were to set up.”

The solution was successfully commissioned in early 2021. While this was David Miller’s first exposure to DEIF solutions, it probably wasn’t his last. “I’d never even heard the name before, but I’ll definitely pass on my positive feedback to our sales team and ask them to use DEIF in future,” he concludes.