Soft Drinks Plant Expansion


ISS undertook an 11kV expansion upgrade for a soft drinks company in the midlands working with one of the largest M&E contractors in the UK. The project included on site generator from diesel generators and CHP units which would power the site upon a ‘black out’ and would function in ‘island mode’. This was controlled via a complex PMS system which would control the sequencing of stop/starting of the assets. The plant would also have the facility to export power back onto the grid up to the agreed limit of power output. The site would also use rotary UPSs to stabilise the site load.

ISS were involved in the design of the new 11kV switchboard and the modifications to the existing 11kV switchboard. As part of the HV works, ISS attended FATs and were heavily involved with the design, installation and cold commissioning and final commissioning into service.

ISS utilised our in house SAP’s (Senior Authorised Person) to perform all switching processes for the new and existing 11kV systems up until handover to the client.

ISS created and implemented the PSL settings for both 11kV switchboards and ensured all interface systems operated correctly.

As part of the plant expansion there was also a requirement for an LV package substation (11kV/433V). ISS designed, manufactured, installed, commissioned and energised the new package substation which was time critical to the project to allow small services and power.

ISS used a closed coupled system which allowed the transformer LV side to be directly coppered onto the busbar system. ISS also completed the HV terminations from the 11kV feeder to the HV side of the transformer.

ISS completed all the HV cable terminations which included necessary HV switching by our SAP’s. This also included temporary generator feeds connections as well as performing G59 testing for the import/exporting to/from the grid.

As part of the HV switchboard works, ISS supplied neutral earthing resistors (NERs) and battery tripping units (BTUs) which ISS installed and commissioned.

Our Project Manager Dan Strainovic delivered the works, and had this to say, “Overall, the project was success for ISS Ltd. ISS delivered the project within the deadline specified by our client which allowed them to meet their overall deadline agreed with the end user”.

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