London Trams Addington


ISS were awarded a contract to replace the DC Switchgear which provides DC traction power to the tracks, and will provide increased SCADA functionality to the substation and tram network in South London, including the addition of a SCADA marshalling cubicle, and a frame leakage protection panel. ISS where appointed as Principal Contractor and Principal Designer to deliver the works.

As a prerequisite of contract award, the key factors where the assurance of continued Tram service at all times, with ISS providing a meticulously planned programme for the completion of the construction and commissioning works, including a 2 week 24/7 round the clock shift pattern during a critical possession period to replace the DC switchboard, whilst maintaining tram service. Another key factor was safety, which is paramount and at the forefront of everything ISS do. ISS provided a robust design, with risks designed out at every stage of the project.

A Factory Acceptance was completed on the new switchgear. Once in possession, the old switchgear was de-commissioned, dismantled and removed from site, with the new switchgear delivered to site where it was installed and pre-commissioned. A new SCADA Marshalling cubicle and Frame Leakage Panel where installed, with ISS undertaking SCADA interface modifications, which included the removal of the existing switchgear from the SCADA system and implementing the new switchgear into the SCADA system.

Once the pre-commissioning was completed successfully, ISS performed final commissioning, proving functionality of the complete traction substation. The Traction DC was energised, allowing us to undertake Tram tests along the energised track sections.

The site was handed back to the client, along with all as commissioned project documentation.