London Underground 4LM LVAC Switchgear


ISS Ltd were awarded a contract with TfL, the highest value manufacturing order value received to date, to design, manufacture, install and commission 46 LVAC Switchboards, as part of the Four Line Modernisation (4LM) project.

This included the preparation and approval of the detailed design in line with the 4LM project specification and standards, simultaneously working with London Underground to gain product approval, successfully gaining product approval for use on London Undergrounds infrastructure. Design approval was the first milestone. The next milestone was completion of the first Factory Acceptance Test, a switchboard for one of the key sites on the 4LM project, critical for the overall project delivery. A number of London Underground representatives attended the FAT, along with the ISS Project & Engineering team.

The switchboards where built in line with a detailed programme, with the 46 switchboards programmed to be delivered, installed and commissioned in the Signalling Equipment Rooms (SER) at various locations across the London Underground network.

The Operation & Maintenance Manual was developed and issued, along with test dossiers for each of the switchboards. ISS provided operator training sessions to London Underground staff, demonstrating the switchgear operations, maintenance and fault finding requirements. These where interactive sessions, allowing the London Underground staff, as maintainers, to familiarise themselves with the new equipment been introduced across the system, and giving them the opportunity to operate the switchgear and run through fault finding scenarios.

The project has been a great success for ISS, with the London Underground Project, Engineering and Design teams complimenting the successful delivery, quality of the product and performance of the team.