Man City HV Upgrade


ISS, a Manchester based Electrical Power Contractor, were asked to Design, Supply and Commission into service a 3MVA Power Upgrade at the Manchester City Football Club Etihad Stadium, following on from providing HV & LV maintenance at the stadium for many years.

A key requirement of the football club was to deliver a large project within a short period of time, with completion of all site works in the summer months, between the end of one football season in May, and start of the next in early August.

We were able to rely on our in-house design and manufacturing capability to develop a programme to achieve this.

This achievement was also aided by working closely with the client’s project & design teams to develop switchboards and systems “tuned” to the site requirements, thus delivering a cost optimised solution “right first time”- an aspect of project delivery which ISS take pride in.

This required an initial Distribution Network Power Analysis using relevant load data from different areas of the site acquired by applying LV metering devices across the site over a 7 day period.

Following design agreement ISS procured and installed 2 No. Ring Main Units and all equipment/cabling to split the existing ringed Network to supply:

  • 2 No. 1.5MVA Transformers
  • 2 No. 1.5MVA LV Distribution Switchboards manufactured by ISS
  • 8 No. new LV MCCB Switch Sub-panels manufactured by ISS

These were split between the substations in the East and West Stadium towers, with the sub mains boards being installed around the stadium for ease of accessibility/distribution of local power for the new concessions within the stadium.

As part of the project we undertook negotiations with the local DNO to produce a Protection Relays & Fault Level Discrimination Study, which was completed to suit the re-configured network.  All settings where applied and commissioned into service.

All of the works where completed successfully, with the ISS Site Manager John Bower present at all times, ensuring all activities where completed safely and efficiently by ISS and our supply chain partners.